We are David and Kimberley, a couple from the North East and South West of England. We met in 2017 and learned soon after that we like being with each other - a lot - and feel that what we do, is best when we are doing it together. We have two sets of skills, eyes and feet to tell the story of your wedding day and have every detail of it covered!

About David (by Kimberley)
David is always able to light up a room with a big smile. He has an even bigger heart. He is a hugger. He sees the best in people. He is always patient when I am getting ready, and writes songs to make me laugh when I am frustrated. His cooking has made me love food. He does not mind when I ask him to stay still while I find my camera because the light is just right. He lovingly and relentlessly made an EP, Through The Window, in just one week and from the corner of his bedroom. The best of me is because of him. I am very lucky to be able to call him my partner.

About Kimberley (by David)
Without Kimberley, I would probably be an unorganised mess flapping about without any sense of direction. She is incredibly modest and has the best eye when it comes to taking photos, usually of me in embarrassing situations. Although she may seem shy at first, there is a wicked sense of humour behind that smile and an even more infectious laugh to go with it. She is a perfectionist, passionate about capturing every detail from all of life's moments and always looking for the next adventure. Kimberley has the ability to make me laugh solely from her clumsiness and the kindest heart I know. I am punching, and I know it. 

Thank you to our friend Jessica Walters, for making our logo.
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